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A walk in the (almost)rain

Look at this awkward selfie taken in public! Now that I have your attention, let’s begin.

So, yesterday it was Sankt Hans(the longest day of the year, wooop!) so Emilie and me decided to take a walk down to “Nordstrands bad” (a local beach) and check out the bonfire. However, it was fairly disappointing. The only people there were families with children under the age of nine, and a group of old men jamming. The last part was rather funny because it was so utterly embarrassing! Most of the people left around 22:15, including the “band”. We stuck around for another 45 minutes before we decided to head back. Even though it felt totally pathetic to hang around all those kids, parents and old people, it’s always fun to hang out with a good friend(gosh that’s cheesy..) Evenings like this makes me realize how much I’m going to miss every one next year… I’m just glad I won’t be stuck in Norway, since most of my friends are going away anyways. Emilie is spending the year in Berlin, so she’ll be out and about as well.

Such a gangster. Look at that awesome S in the third pic, real ghetto vibes for y’all.

Having seizures because of the band

It was so great to hang out with Emilie again We’ll probably meet one last time shortly before we both travel to different countries for a year, so luckily this wasn’t the real “good-bye”. Now it’s only 42 days until I leave Norway!! 6 weeks!

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